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About Us


products are specially designed to provide a comfortable way to enhance the look of your eyes with natural colors contact lenses and clear contact lenses to make you more attractive.




UV Protection

Health Care +

New To Contact Lens

Why Use You have decided to retire your glasses and use only contact lenses. Congratulations on your choice. Optiano will be pleased to help you.

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Common Issues

Protein deposits in Soft Contact Lenses The accumulation of proteins on the soft lenses is a common problem for contact lenses users. Considering that a

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Lens Handling

For your eye health, it is important to carefully follow the handling, insertion, removal, and wearing instructions that we inform below, as well as those

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How To Wear

LENS INSERTION/REMOVAL 1. Always wash and completely dry your hands before handling the lenses. 2. Gently remove the lenses from the case using the tip

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How to Clean

How to clean Soft Contact Lenses and Ensure a Healthy Vision Cleaning the contact lenses is an essential procedure, not only to prolong the product’s

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How long does it take for a total adaptation of the contact lenses? Some users immediately adapt to the lenses and do not present any

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